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Guidelines On How To Use Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has been found to contain lots of health benefits after numerous tests having been done on it. These products are to be extracted and used under medical procedures to ensure you improve on your health. During the extraction phase of cannabis, THC and cannabidiol are the main components found in cannabis. The main difference between THC and cannabidiol is that; cannabidiol does not give the consumer a high effect after consumption. Depending on what you are suffering from, your doctor will prescribe that you use medical marijuana to ensure healing. Following the prescription will have you healed once you have been tested.

There are guidelines in place to ensure you consume marijuana as required. Starting small helps your body to adapt the new changes taking as compromises a lot as you continue increasing the dosage. Secondly, pick out the perfect way you want to consume medical marijuana. Vapes, gummies and cookies are some products that can be made using cannabis. The only way you can settle on one product is if you first try out different products. With cannabis; there are different ratios of cannabidiol and THC. You must get the right dosage for your medical marijuana. For a first-time medical marijuana consumer, have the doctors prescribe the right ratio to treat your condition.

Refrain from consuming big dosage of the product and start diving them into small portions. Have a specific time interval when to take the dosage to help your body adjust accordingly to the drugs. If you are satisfied with the ratio chosen and how to consume it, use the product for a week to track your progress. You shall determine if there are changes required with your dosage depending on the results. It is best to record the effects that you feel once you have consumed the dosage. After studying the effects for some time, your doctor will have a conclusion on whether to reduce, retain or increase your dosage.

Another guideline to follow is consuming the right dosage without increasing or decreasing it. You shall have similar effects after consuming this product which is why you need not tamper with the dosage. Consumption of too much THC causes mood changes and increase in anxiety attacks. Your medical practitioner will rely on your condition to prescribe a dosage for your case. Inflammation, pain, depression and anxiety are some of the conditions treated using marijuana. To get the perfect effect when using medical marijuana, you have to fit it to your genes. Your genes will determine the dosage and ratio to use if you want to experience the full effect of your medical marijuana.
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